Some of our other exhibits

The five galleries in the main brick building hold 25,000 artifacts of early Americana. Some of the more popular attractions among these are: the early 1900's Main Street with a general store, Doctor's office, barber shop, toy store, post office, and a bank with the safe once robbed by Jesse James.

The museum is continuing to add new special exhibits so be sure to check back from time to time!

Walk through the wrought iron gate leading to "Amy's house" to see many of the furnishings from the home of the late Amy Robertson, Promise City.

This 1902 Holsman car is a part of the award-winning "Prairie to Present" exhibit near the front entrance.

The mural shows a timeline of Wayne County from prehistoric wooly mammoths to events that happened as the area was settled and finally the changes during World War II.

This amazing collection of Indian artifacts was recently donated by Harold Dent, Corydon. It represents many years of trekking the hills, valleys, and river beds of south central Iowa and northern Missouri. The exhibit can be seen in the Pioneer Trails gallery.