Jesse James

Illustration of Jesse James from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper April 22, 1892
Prairie Trails Museum

The Ocobock Bank of Corydon, IA

Prairie Trails Museum Prairie Trails Museum

Built in 1865, photographed April 3, 1908 on the same ground as when robbed by Jesse Jame's band consisting of Frank and Jesse James, Clell Miller and Jim White on June 3, 1871.

The gang dismounted in front of the bank, one holding the horses and guarding the front door while another guarded the back door. The other two entered the Bank, confronted the cashier with two revolvers, obtained the keys to the safe and plundered between $6,000 and $10,000.

The museum is home to a first person account of the actual robbing of the Ocobock Bank when it occurred on June 3, 1871. The account is an excerpt of a letter written by E.A. Rea of Corydon, dated August 15, 1929. It can be viewed here.