20th Century Gallery

The 20th Century gallery is a work-in-progress as it attempts to capture 100 years of amazing changes from 1900 to 1999.

One of the most recent exhibits depicts a home in 1950's.

The GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) memorial window was originally in the Lineville, Iowa Methodist Church.

1928 Continental Firetruck that was depicted in mural painted in 1941 by Marion Gilmore as part of the WPA act. It was installed in Corydon Post Office in 1942. A replica of the mural can be seen on the wall behind the firetruck.

While visiting the museum stroll over and enjoy the beautiful gardens.

Busy Bee Bakery takes you back to the 1920's when there was a bakery in every small town.

The Filling Station attendant stands ready to wash the windows and pump the gas for the woman driving a 1933 Plymouth Coupe.

In 1960 a local electric company Iowa Southern Utilities built a prototype electric car with 12 large 6 volt batteries in both the trunk and engine compartment.

It traveled at 60 miles an hour for an hour, then it needed charged for 24 hours.

Some children attending one-room schools in Wayne County were lucky enough to ride in a horse-drawn school bus. This bus was used in the Sewal area until the end of World War II. No problem with gas rationing in that school district!

1940-50s Theater

Walk into the Wayne Theatre and relax as you watch one of 6 different historical videos.
This theater is reminiscent of the 1940-50's era theaters and is a functioning theater where a visitor to the Museum can choose (by the push of a button) between a variety of historical or topical videos to watch such as:

  • Early Wayne County Pioneers
  • 1930's Iowa Farm Life
  • Tearing down the County courthouse
  • The historic Mormon Trail

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These are some of the pictures of the 1940-50's theater as it was built:
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